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I. Muvrini

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I Muvrini Tickets

I Muvrini is known as a group who performs Corsican folk music and sings traditional Corsican songs in their native language, Corsu. Certainly, I Muvrini has been promoting Corsican culture and language all throughout their career. And people have shown their appreciation to their music ever since they started. They are also being supported by other groups in the music industry to promote their songs, one of them is Sting who joined them to record one of their most popular songs, “Terre d’Oru,” which means Fields of Gold. So, watch them perform in concert and witness how an I Muvrini concert makes an impact. I Muvrini tickets are obtainable here at Onlineticketshop. Get I Muvrini tickets for your friends too, surely they will forever be grateful for those concert tickets when they listen to their music live!

I Muvrini Concert

Surely, a lot of people love the music style of I Muvrini, the group who spreads their culture wherever they go. I Muvrini carries the uniqueness of their culture even in their concerts. In fact, an I Muvrini concert is resounding the anthem of Corsican beauty. Of course, the group has splendid voices as well, which is also the reason why they appear on international stages. The vocals combine warmth, softness, purity and power according to the critics. If you want to learn for yourself that this is simply an amazing group, go to a I Muvrini concert! I Muvrini concert tickets are no problem, you can get them here in Onlineticketshop. You can order your I Muvrini ticket here anytime so if you want to see them live, place your order now!

I Muvrini Biography

I Muvrini is a group that was originally formed by the brothers Alain and Jean-Francois Bernardine in the early 1980s. These brothers are from the northern part of Corsica and they named their group after a wild sheep that lives in the Corsican mountains. The brothers were exposed to music at an early age through their father, Ghjuliu—a man known for being a great singer and poet during his time. I Muvrini released their first album after the death of their father, dedicating it to his memory. By now the group has created a name for themselves in the music industry which is reflected by the success of each I Muvrini tour. If their tour is soon to be held at a place near you; don’t dare miss it for you get a chance to witness a unique music performance. Visit Onlineticketshop and order your tickets right now, this is something you do not want to miss!